Selling your home can be a time consuming, emotional process, but I'm here to help. When working with me it is my goal to make this process as stress free and enjoyable as it can be. Through effective marketing, we will make sure your house gets the exposure it needs to sell quickly, and for the right price.  

My Process:

1. Analyze your needs: Why are you selling? What price would make you happy? What is your timeline? These are just a few of the questions I will ask before we begin. In understanding your motivation, I can plan our strategy while ensuring that your needs are not being overlooked.  I am here to protect your interests, and be your advocate for success. 

2. Pricing: The most important step in selling your home is pricing it correctly. Research shows that overpriced homes take longer to sell so it is crucial that your initial price matches market expectations. Using a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) I'll work with you to determine the price that will enable your home to sell.

3. Prep: You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so if you want to get the best price for your home, you need it looking its best. I'll walk through your home to help you identify and prioritize home repairs and improvements that provide the best return on your investment. By knowing which home improvements will get the attention of potential buyers we can make your home stand out. I'll connect you with reputable contractors who can get the job done, and if necessary, we can stage your home to make every room look its best.

4. Market: In modern real estate markets, it is not enough to just have the knowledge, you need to have the tools and technology to ensure that your home gets the exposure it deserves. You can be sure that by working with me, you will have access to the most effective and up to date marketing tools and techniques. 

5. Communicate: I communicate with you to make sure you are kept in the loop from start to finish. I will be available to answer any, and all questions you may have throughout the sales process. I will provide you with feedback from your showings, market activities and any recommended course adjustments. I will keep you informed when any similar homes in your neighbourhood come on or off the market. 

6. Negotiate: Successfully negotiating a real estate contract is more of an art than a science. When you receive an offer, or multiple offers, having an agent with the ability to bring buyers and sellers together can make a huge impact on your final sales price. 

6. Close The Deal: Negotiations are successful and we have time for the most vital steps now. I will help you through the last little checklist before everything is finalized. 





 Congratulations!!! You have sold your house!